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What is ::CMC:: Designs? ::CMC:: Designs is CHUCKMATRIX Clip's Second Life based gallery, consisting of his RL art work as well as his SL sculptures. Opened originally in late 2008, it grew painfully slowly until 2009. Upon making some amazing friends and allies, ::CMC:: Designs grew by leaps and bounds until it finally occupied a full sim. It grew beyond me and in utter desperation I closed it down in January 2010 never to return again, or so I thought....
I have since left that behind and after a year long hiatus, I have returned to building. I reopened ::CMC:: Designs with a different kind of focus, more art and expression. I am also more concerned with the integrity of my work and far less likely to make the random modifications for people that I might have in the past. Love my art or hate it, it is rare to find artists who do what I do... a dying art called prim sculpture. From abstract art to the PiƩta it all starts as a box...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Its Coming Hard and Fast. Brace Yourself.

I'm preparing a new show. It shall be all new work, and, for a time, ONLY available in one gallery. I'll be working in conjunction with another artist. The details for now are being withheld.


Consider it a non-disclaimer. My pieces will be unlike any other I have done before. I'm taking shots left and right. No one is safe... well... no artists anyway. Yep. You know I respect many of you. But all you wanna be's out there can expect to shed some tears as you realize that the term "artist" doesn't apply to you. It never did. The users of Second Life LIED to you and for some reason you BOUGHT it. So if you think you might be a wanna be artist, don't come to my show. No.. scratch that. Come to the show and learn the truth for once in your virtual life.

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