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What is ::CMC:: Designs? ::CMC:: Designs is CHUCKMATRIX Clip's Second Life based gallery, consisting of his RL art work as well as his SL sculptures. Opened originally in late 2008, it grew painfully slowly until 2009. Upon making some amazing friends and allies, ::CMC:: Designs grew by leaps and bounds until it finally occupied a full sim. It grew beyond me and in utter desperation I closed it down in January 2010 never to return again, or so I thought....
I have since left that behind and after a year long hiatus, I have returned to building. I reopened ::CMC:: Designs with a different kind of focus, more art and expression. I am also more concerned with the integrity of my work and far less likely to make the random modifications for people that I might have in the past. Love my art or hate it, it is rare to find artists who do what I do... a dying art called prim sculpture. From abstract art to the Piéta it all starts as a box...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

When the Wife's Away the Husband Will...

...create like a man possessed! So, my better half has been out of town. Most of  the first day I stood there, just... stood there. I looked at my meeroos*. Then I looked at my wife's meeroos. Then back at mine. Then I watched videos on youtube. Then I watched group chats in SL... I didn't talk mind you... I just watched them. In the SL8B group they were talking about BURN2. So, back to youtube I went to watch videos of what the heck BURN2 WAS! That's when it happened... the background music on one of the videos was this deep, moody, discordant music and it sparked an image in my mind. That image is the piece you see above. I can't explain it. It just POPPED in there, and it sparked a week long create-athon. Since it started, I have replaced nearly every piece in the gallery. To date, there has been fourteen 2D pieces and four sculptures, with three more 2D pieces to be framed and hung, and several ideas left to sculpt.

I have always built in spurts. A few pieces here, a few there, with down time in between, but this past week has been insane. I have been sleeping weird hours, and have been so into the building and creating, I have gone nearly entire days forgetting to eat. The one good thing about sleeping weird hours is that I have been up at times when I have been able to talk to friends from over seas. Thus, I have been around to book and put up shows that I might otherwise have missed out on! 

The one show coming up on Friday has been titled "Distopia" at the Art India Gallery and the curator has worked with me as no other curator has. She came and looked at my artwork, choosing pieces to include in the show. Then she actually guided where to place them in the gallery so that her vision and my artwork could come together. She also asked something no other curator has asked me. She asked me for a notecard of all the places I have ever shown in SL, awards etc. Well, with more than three years of art in SL under my belt I actually had to research MYSELF. I looked through old notecards and landmarks, and, just for the heck of it, I googled my name. I was utterly SHOCKED to find I make up the first six pages of results. I found out I'm on people's flickrs, there are blogs about my art that I never knew about, as well as youtube videos etc. Anyway, I encourage you to go to this show, a number of interesting pieces have been selected, both new and old. I will also be at Pirats SAS Art Gallery on Tuesday. Watch the standard groups in SL for information and LMs.

As much as I have missed my wife this week, her absence spawned a series of events that otherwise might not have happened. So, come home soon, my heart, I miss you, but thank you for leaving. LOL Hopefully you know what I mean :P

*Note: If you don't already know what meeroos are, they are the cutest most cuddly friggin breedable in SL. They are a fictional creature created specifically FOR SL and have destroyed the market on nearly every other breedable there is. As one blogger said, "If you don't want one, don't look at them." They ARE addictive and you will be forced to by larger and larger parcels to be able to handle the hundreds of the digital cuddly things you'll eventually want to keep.

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