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What is ::CMC:: Designs? ::CMC:: Designs is CHUCKMATRIX Clip's Second Life based gallery, consisting of his RL art work as well as his SL sculptures. Opened originally in late 2008, it grew painfully slowly until 2009. Upon making some amazing friends and allies, ::CMC:: Designs grew by leaps and bounds until it finally occupied a full sim. It grew beyond me and in utter desperation I closed it down in January 2010 never to return again, or so I thought....
I have since left that behind and after a year long hiatus, I have returned to building. I reopened ::CMC:: Designs with a different kind of focus, more art and expression. I am also more concerned with the integrity of my work and far less likely to make the random modifications for people that I might have in the past. Love my art or hate it, it is rare to find artists who do what I do... a dying art called prim sculpture. From abstract art to the PiƩta it all starts as a box...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

... went off with out a hitch. The Grand ReOpening of ::CMC:: Designs went amazingly well. Close your eyes. Imagine your standard gallery opening with light music and polite conversation over a glass of wine... Now forget that entirely! This was ANYTHING but your standard gallery opening. DJ Vosk bestowed some wicked tunes upon us, there was dancing, and someone put out a truth ball... Let me tell you, thanks to that truth ball, I now know things about my friends I could have gone the rest of my life with out knowing, but it was funny as HELL.

The highlight of the evening, the special event dubbed "The Omen" went off with out a hitch. I successfully kept it secret from all but two people right up until the reveal. So you want to know what it was? Not gonna tell ya! I warned everyone.. if you miss it... you miss it. If you really want to know what happened ask someone who was there and hang your head in despair as you realize the epicness that you missed.

In all seriousness though, my thanks go out to DJ Vosk who played for 3 hours solid, and to Fiatri Delicioso and Shaar Ashbourne for being wonderful hostesses who kept everything fun and lively for everyone. And to everyone who came and shared this joyous event with me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's so good to be back in SL doing what I love, and the fact that so many people came to support me and have fun truly means a lot.

So what now? More shows in other galleries! Today I open in A.R.t Galerie and on Tuesday I open in Omega Art Gallery. I'm also booked in a couple of places coming up in August. Come on down and show some love! Hope to see you soon!

Yours Forever in Art,

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