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What is ::CMC:: Designs? ::CMC:: Designs is CHUCKMATRIX Clip's Second Life based gallery, consisting of his RL art work as well as his SL sculptures. Opened originally in late 2008, it grew painfully slowly until 2009. Upon making some amazing friends and allies, ::CMC:: Designs grew by leaps and bounds until it finally occupied a full sim. It grew beyond me and in utter desperation I closed it down in January 2010 never to return again, or so I thought....
I have since left that behind and after a year long hiatus, I have returned to building. I reopened ::CMC:: Designs with a different kind of focus, more art and expression. I am also more concerned with the integrity of my work and far less likely to make the random modifications for people that I might have in the past. Love my art or hate it, it is rare to find artists who do what I do... a dying art called prim sculpture. From abstract art to the PiƩta it all starts as a box...

Saturday, May 21, 2011


CHUCKMATRIX Clip is no one, just pixels. He exists nowhere but in the world of Second Life. He's my own personal Tyler Durden. (WARNING: Fight Club Spoiler) He looks the way I want to look, he acts the way I want to act, he f**ks the way I want to f**k. But the truth is, the man behind Mr. Clip is what many people have referred to as a... how did they put it? A "youngin." The real Chuck is a 28 year old graphic design major from New Jersey. There's nothing inherently special about me except the fact that I have managed to pack plenty of life experiences into a relatively short time-span. If you put me in a line-up with six other people and asked "Ok... which one is the artist?" you would be hard pressed to pick me.

So what sets me apart from other artists in real life and Second Life? Why should anyone care about this relative nobody with a gift for art and prim sculpture? I categorically refuse to fall in line!
•NO... I will not make purely sculpted prim sculptures. SL offers this wonderful medium called the lowly prim.
•NO... I will NOT make purely abstract art of a few glowing prims linked together. Maybe a few here and there, but it the prim is better than that. It can be so much more.
•NO... I will not make a sim sized immersive experience. They overwhelm the senses and my art is meant to make the viewer stop, stare and think. And finally,
•NO... I will NOT follow protocol for my own gallery openings and events. If you come expecting light piano and quiet whispers, you will be incredibly disappointed.

I believe art is meant to be celebrated in a way appropriate to the feelings it evokes! The day I start painting water colors of the shore, I'll hire a pianist. Until then, come to my gallery expecting a party! There will be good music, and mad fun with a twinge of the dramatic. An opening isn't an ego stroke for me. It's a way to share my love of art and my own expression with everyone who comes, and my art is anything but quiet.

So who is CHUCKMATRIX Clip? He's a young man from New Jersey who can make prims rear back and scream in agony, and with those same prims reach your heart and tug at its strings until you FEEL for a digital statue.

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